Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
We request clients to book at least 6 hours in advance, if using our online booking service. Otherwise bookings are accepted over the phone at any time.

Once a booking has been made, an auto response will be sent to the recipient from the online booking system. Please be aware that this is not a confirmation. Bookings are only considered as accepted until our staff confirm via email or phone. If a confirmation has not been sent after 6 hours, please inform us. In this case, we would kindly ask to please book again.

A booking can be changed or cancelled via the phone or email. Our drivers are not held responsible for any cancellations. Cancellations not informed up to 2 hour prior to pick-up time may incur 100% of the booked cab price. Cancellations informed between 2 and 6 hours prior to the pick-up time will incur 25% of the booked minicab price. Cancellations informed more than 6 hours prior to the pick-up time will involve a 5% cancellation charge. This varies according to the distance and time that is needed for the transfer.

If clients have missed their flight and will not be arriving at the airport, it is the passenger’s or the requester’s responsibility to inform Taxi Weybridge Service as soon as possible, in order to prevent the driver to enter the airport. In cases of pre-paid transfers, refunds are available. However, if the transfer re-arranged with Taxi Weybridge Service, the service will be provided at the same price. If a notification has not been received by the guest, then the guest will be held responsible to pay the full price of the journey.

If passengers do not arrive or show up at the designated arrival or pick-up time, a refund for any pre-paid reservations will not be provided. There will be a waiting charge, if the driver is made to wait for the passengers, which will administered once a notice for the guest is received, stating that there will be a delay.

The quotations provided for all airport pick-up transfers include a surcharge of £6.00 which consists of the car parking costs and the variations of the flight arrival time, such as a one hour delay or early arrival.

If clients cannot see the driver near the arrival hall or the airport information desk inside the airport, they should call Taxi Weybridge Service or the driver immediately, in order to allocate a pick-up point.

Passengers should not leave the airport without informing Taxi  Weybridge Service or the driver. Passengers should be at the designated pick-up location at the agreed time. If there are changes or problems with the time or location, passengers must contact Taxi Weybridge Service or the driver to make another arrangement.

Clients must be ready to depart at the agreed pick-up time. Passengers cannot alter this time after the driver has arrived and would have to pay waiting charge, if the driver is required to wait for more than 10 minutes.

Customers must clearly state the position of their pick-ups, such as full postcodes and for example whether it is the rear or front entrance of a hotel.

‘Taxi Weybridge Service’ Driver will take the most suitable and convenient route according to factors such as traffic, road closures and diversions.

The prices are based on the type and number of pick-ups and drop-offs, which must be stated clearly on the booking request. However, if additional pick-ups or drop-offs are required, clients must contact Taxi Weybridge Service only, as only we are in a position to decide the prices.

At pick-ups from residential addresses, we allow 15 minutes waiting time, after which we will charge £5 per 15 minutes of waiting. For airport pick-ups, we allow 50 minutes of waiting free of charge, after the landing time. After this, the driver can wait for another 20 minutes free of charge if you wish, after having contacted Taxi Weybridge Service.

Our company does not take any responsibility for any transfers that may be delayed for a pick-up or drop-off, due to bad weather conditions, traffic congestions, road works or any other delays.

Our drivers will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any of our clients’ property carried in their vehicle.’Taxi Weybridge Service’ chauffeurs ensure that your luggage have been safely brought to your destination.

Taxi Weybridge Service can Accept Card Payment and Cash Payment even in the Cars.

Credit card payments are only accepted online and in all our cars, due to security reasons with no extra charge. cash payments are also accepted which are made direct to the driver on the day of the journey. The driver will also provide a receipt for the payment.

It is the guest’s responsibility to print and keep the confirmation sent by PayPal for credit card payments, as it has our company name and number. This is in the case if the driver needs to confirm the payment method.

Our drivers could refuse passengers if they have luggage that are in excess and could affect the safety of the journey whilst the vehicle is in motion.

Passengers should inform us if they will have any additional equipment with them, such as fishing rods or ski kits. This will ensure that a suitable vehicle is sent to accommodate the extra gear.

Due to the Health and Safety regulation concerning smoking, Taxi Weybridge Service adopt a non-smoking policy in our vehicles, with each of our vehicles displaying a ‘No Smoking’ sign.

Babies are also counted as passengers and we are able to provide necessary facilities such as infant, upright and booster seats. For babies 11 to 15 months, clients must specify whether an infant or upright seat is required, as this can vary. Please ensure that you have clearly informed us on the message of the booking request whether you require a child seat, including the age(s) of the child.